Adventuring Clans

A relatively recent trend is the formation of Adventuring “Clans” – groups of mercenaries and travelers who wander the countryside, seeking employment through various quests or battles, and staking out territory to defend. Most are treated with suspicion or contempt; some are feared or placated with bribes; a rare few are celebrated heroes of their lands, welcome in any home.

A worryingly large number of youngsters aspire to become Clanners someday, and waste many an hour swinging wooden swords in their backyards at imaginary foes. New Clans spring up like weeds on a regular basis, but it’s rare for one to be successful for long; your chances are better if you attempt to join an existing one.

Older Clans with big reputations are sometimes in high demand in wartime, and rival powers may even barter for their services.

Red Riders
Dead Men

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Adventuring Clans

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