Character Creation

Totally Customized

If you really want to do your own thing, you can buy traits and skills separately without using any pre-made background, and create a kind of jack-of-all-trades custom class.

Pros: can fit anything you want to play.
Cons: costs a little more to put together the same set of skills, and it takes more time to build your character. Recommended for more advanced players.

Training Packages

Militia Training
A time-honored tradition for people who can’t seem to make an honest living otherwise, or who want to defend their homes despite their humble origins. Or maybe were drafted against their wills.

Cost: free!
Prerequisites: none!
Training time: 3 months

Free trait (+1): Athletic or Beefy

Free skills (+1): Maintenance, Armor Proficiency – Light, Weapon Proficiency – Spear, Bow, Shield, Sword.

Free Equipment: Leather cap, leather vest, camping gear, weapon set (pick one: spear, short bow + arrows, short sword + leather shield)

Pros: basic, easy setup, good for beginners. Anybody can do it.
Cons: obligation to serve the militia when called or be branded a deserter. Convenient when your GM needs a plot hook, inconvenient when your buddies want to go looking for treasure this weekend and your sheriff demands you stay home and man the palisade because of local bandit activity.

Street Gang
City kids with no other obvious career choice and/or bad parental role-models often end up joining a local gang.

Cost: none!
Requirements: flexible morals
Training time: 3 months

Free traits (+1): one of Quick Hands, Quick Feet, Nimble Fingers, or Silver Tongue

Free skills (+1): Bluff, Pick Pockets, Sneak, Hide, Survival – Urban, Weapon Proficiency (pick one): Knife, Sling

Free equipment: dirty, torn clothing; beggar’s bowl

Pros: good start to various rogue classes.
Cons: bad reputation with locals, obligation to gang bosses, rough lifestyle.

Scholar’s College

Literacy is a rare and valuable skill. Only students who show some aptitude – or a lot of coin – are accepted to study the arts of pen and paper.

Cost: 500 gold (scholarship: Good Memory and Quick Study)
Training time: 2 years

Free Traits (+1): Good Memory or Quick Study

Free Skills (+2): Literacy, Numeracy, Ancient Language, Knowledge: History, Literature

Equipment: Pens, ink, paper, hideous school uniform

Pros: first step toward several scholarly classes (wizard, alchemist, engineer). Also, if you can read and write, you’re more or less guaranteed a steady source of income as a scribe or bookkeeper.
Cons: high price, long training.


If your parents have the connections or a bunch of money, or if you show aptitude, you have a good chance of landing a spot learning from a Master of some trade.

Cost: 100 gold (scholarships possible)
Training time: 1 year


Free Traits (+1): Silver Tongue

Free Skills (+2): Barter, Numeracy, Appraise

Equipment: Nice clothes, pens & ink, ledger book, 20% share of ownership in a business


Free Traits (+1): Good Eye or Nimble Fingers

Free Skills (+2): Maintenance, Craft (pick one)

Equipment: Tool set


Free Traits (+1): choose one – Flexible, Nimble Fingers, Silver Tongue, Star Presence

Free Skills (+2): Charm, Perform (choose one – Sing, Dance, Instrument, Acrobatics, Theater, or Sleight of Hand)

Equipment: Choose either an appropriate instrument or fancy clothes.


Free Traits (+1): choose one – Kind, Humble, Nimble Fingers, Good Memory, Earthy

Free Skills (+2): First Aid, Animal Care, Knowledge: Plants, Cooking

Equipment: Bandages, various ointments and powders

Advanced Training

Journeyman Alchemist

A highly secretive and elite guild. Only applicants with extra potential will be sponsored, and even if you meet all the requirements it should take a lot of time and effort to be accepted.

Cost: 2000 gold
Prerequisites: Skills (3+): Literacy, Numeracy, Ancient Languages; Traits (2 or more): Good Memory, Quick Mind, Visualizer, Nimble Fingers
Training time: 2 years

Free Skills (+1): Alchemy, Alchemists’ Language, WP: Thrown, Numeracy, Ancient Languages

Journeyman Engineer

More open and determined to share knowledge than the Alchemists, but also with a reputation for building useless crap; often not taken seriously.

Cost: 1000 gold
Prerequisites: Numeracy (3+); Traits (1 or more): Good Memory, Quick Mind, Visualizer
Training time: 2 years

Free Skills (+1): Engineering, Drawing, Numeracy, Craft (pick one)


Officer’s Academy

Character Creation

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