Target: 10 + creature level.


Bird of Paradise (Level 1)
According to legend, the Prince of Angels, Orenus, was badly injured after his fight with a dragon, and took shelter under a tree. To his surprise, a brightly-colored bird brought him fruit and water while he lay there recovering. When he had regained his strength, he rewarded the humble bird with the gift of speech and minor magic. Birds of Paradise are friendly and clever, and are often the first animal an apprentice summoner strikes a bargain with.

all Small Animal traits, plus Clever and Fey

Brings 1d4 Sunberries in its beak. Sunberries restore 1 Wound and 1 Will each. For the next 15 minutes or 1 fight, the character has +1 to Initiative, and all hir attacks count as fire damage.

Birds of Paradise will fight if you ask them to, but this would be considered quite cruel.

Elementals (level 2)
Elementals are known for being a bit greedy and selfish, and are relatively difficult to bargain with. Summoners usually have to pass some test involving riddles or illusions before being allowed to speak with the elemental.

Salamander – their fire burns hot enough to consume all but the strongest metals and stone. Salamanders have a voracious, destructive appetite.

Slyph – fickle and flighty, unpredictable, hyperactive waifs of the air. Only interested in novelty and shallow games.

Gnome – gnomes tunnel quickly through even solid rock in search of gems and precious metals. They enjoy shaping and crafting earthen objects and structures.

Undine – often possessive and jealous of their pool or stream, as well as the attentions of those who bargain with them. Skilled healers.

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